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Sworn and legal translation in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and France by Lionspeech Translations Service

Sworn and legal translations are a must for anyone moving from one country to another.

If you’re a foreigner in Italy, a lawyer or a notary public trading frequently with foreign countries, or if you’d like to move abroad, you’ll certainly need to have legal documents, certificates, ID cards, driving licences, contracts and criminal records translated, to name just a few.

This isn’t always an easy, straightforward task, as in many countries, such as Australia and Brazil, you need to have a sworn translator at your disposal to swear an oath and legalise those documents.

At the translation and interpreting agency Lionspeech, we are aware of these difficulties, which is why we offer sworn and legalised translation services, with an apostille if necessary, so that your documents are legally valid in your own country or abroad.

We are able to optimally manage legal translations, such as:

  • Legal and notarial acts (notarial deeds under seal, transfer of ownership documents and property and motor vehicle records);
  • Personal records (ID card, criminal records, residence permit);
  • Documents needed for family reunification or the regularisation of foreign workers in Italy;
  • Driving licences, circulation and registration documents;
  • Formal qualifications and vocational training certificates.

You can therefore turn to us for any legal translations you may need. We know the various countries and are aware of the procedures to adopt in individual states.

To find out more, you can read our article on legal and sworn translations, or call your nearest manager, who you can find in the Contact us section.

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