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Translations, interpreting, language courses and publishing

We help you communicate all around the world

We offer translation, interpreting and publishing services, as well as language courses, so that you can make yourself understood in the languages you need.

We remain at your side throughout all stages of the project, helping you in a clear, prompt, precise and innovative way.
We want people to understand you wherever you go. So we pull down all language barriers by providing professional support that goes much further than traditional assistance.



We produce professional translations in all languages in the mechanics, marketing, medical and pharmaceutical, food, ceramics, textiles, information technology, legal and notarial and machine tool sectors.
Discover the Lionspeech translation world: Technical and scientific translationsTourism and translationsSworn translationsBusiness translations.

Lionspeech Interpreting


Our interpreters are always ready to assist you in any way to create a welcoming international ambience that is ideal for your guests and customers. Conferences, meetings, business negotiations and web meetings, now without the language barriers. At Lionspeech, we provide you with simultaneous, liaison or consecutive interpreters so that you can spread your ideas, understand and make yourself understood.

Language courses Lionspeech Italy

Language courses

We offer language courses for individuals, companies and professionals, with private lessons or lessons in small groups wherever you want, on our premises or yours.
Our educational service focuses on the creation of language coursescourses for translators and Italian language courses for foreigners.

Publishing in every language Lionspeech

Digital publishing

We offer an all-round service for digital publishing: translation, page layout creation and publication in the major online stores of websites, e-books, apps and web apps. We also publish educational e-books at unrivalled prices.
Your texts will be available in whatever languages you choose.

In the spotlight

Technical translations

When it comes to  technical translations, what is commonly meant is a scientific translation, full of complex or sectorial terms.However, what is often not realized is that almost any translation…

ISO certifications

ISO certifications, what they are and why they are so important. In the world of language services (translations, interpreting, language courses, subtitling) clients very often do not know on what…
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