Subtitling and adaptation

Subtitling and adaptation Lionspeech
Subtitling and adaptation Lionspeech

At Lionspeech, we offer a subtitling and adaptation service plus synchronisation to produce your multilingual videos, from short films and feature films to documentaries, video clips and docu-fictions, or any kind of video file that you would like to show, on a local as well as on an international level. This service is available for both companies and individuals.

We can transcribe the text that you need subtitling or that has already been subtitled, translate the subtitles and synchronise them with any video format (avi, mov, divx, wmv,…), delivering you a high-quality finished product with subtitles embedded in a single file, with the help of programmes like Subtitle Workshop and Visual Sub Sync.

Read the article “8 Powerful Reasons You Need to Use Video Marketing” for a better understanding of how subtitles can benefit you.

We have also translated and subtitled a number of short films: the biggest hit so far is “Principessa“, by Vito Marinelli, who took part in the Jalari in Corto International Film Festival with this work, taking home the award for best short film.

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