Traduzioni agricole Rijk Zwaan

Rijk Zwaan

Lionspeech’s latest partnerships undoubtedly include the partnership with Rijk Zwaan,  a variety breeding and seed production company that is currently among the top five seed companies in the world.
The subsidiary is active throughout the country with the development of new varieties and the promotion of numerous projects, demonstrating a concrete commitment to share a healthier future.

For Rijk Zwaan , we translate the articles of the parent company written in English. These texts are highly specialized, which is why they are a perfect example of technical translation.

The topics range from the most innovative production techniques such as hydroponics to the description of the individual varieties, including colour, sowing period and pathogen resistance.

The jargon is a real challenge for the Lionspeech’s translators: an accurate terminology research is essential to render the text correct, accurately reporting the nomenclature of the sector, be it lettuce aphids or pinking (i.e. reddening of leaf margins).

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of translation software, we are also able to create bilingual glossaries (in jargon, termbase) in which to collect this terminology, mainly with the aim of speeding up the research phase and ensuring lexical consistency not only within a single article, but also in the context of the translation of a more or less large body of texts extracted from the client’s website. It is above all thanks to the dialogue with the company’s contact persons  that we are able to improve our work from time to time. At Lionspeech, translation is not an activity in itself, but the result of shared knowledge: also for this reason, we attach great importance to client feedback, which is an indispensable tool for continuing to guarantee a quality service.

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