An interpreter for you Lionspeech

An interpreter for you

The interpreter offers an interpretation service that differs substantially from the translation. The latter is exclusively written, while interpreting requires oral and mnemonic knowledge of the topics to be dealt with during the conference, course or negotiation. For this reason, the interpreter, unlike the translator, should have at least one week to prepare, as well as the necessary reference sites and documents.

When you contact Lionspeech Translation and Interpreting Agency you should always provide the following information:
Type of Interpreting: simultaneous, consecutive or negotiation
Reference documents
Actual number of working hours

To better understand the differences between the three types of interpreting, an explanation of the different activities is given below:

Simultaneous interpreting: perhaps, it is the most popular type of interpreting, but it is much more difficult to organize. In this type of interpreting, the interpreter is equipped with a headset and booth and must convey the message in another language simultaneously, i.e. during the speaker’s own speech.
This type of interpreting is expensive, because it requires at least 2 interpreters to alternate, as the activity is very tiring and frequent breaks are required.

Consecutive interpreting: in this type of interpreting, the interpreter waits for the speaker to stop speaking and repeats the message in the other language.
Although very tiring, the interpreter has time to stop to take notes during the speaker’s speech.
The difficulty lies in the correct synchronisation of the times between the initial speech and the subsequent interpreting.

Negotiation interpreting: usually used during business negotiations. In this case, the interpreter acts as an intermediary, trying to ensure that the two negotiating parties fully understand each other. Another type of interpreting is chuchotage, where the interpreter sits next to the person who has to understand the speech and translates the content of the speech into his/her ear simultaneously, so that he/she can understand it.

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