Interpreting and translation for OWAY, the example of one of our clients

Interpreting and translation for OWAY, the example of one of our clients

To better understand how consecutive interpreting is carried out, let’s take the example of our excellent client Oway/Rolland, which operates in the field of products for the treatment of hair and body with essential oils and biodynamic, biological and fair-trade phyto-active agents.

The company has a network that extends to many European countries, which implies the training of distributors around the world. Its courses, which are held on a regular basis, require the presence of interpreters specializing in the treatment and care of body and hair, in several languages, including Dutch.
Meeting the needs of this very demanding client is always complex, but for many years, Lionspeech  has been able to find the right resource in the shortest possible time.

The main languages used for this client are French, English and Dutch, sometimes also German. Oway is an excellent client: it plans the courses in advance, sends Lionspeech Translation and Interpreting Agency the reference material and confirms in time for the interpreter to prepare properly. In most cases, the activity is consecutive interpreting, which means that the course teacher speaks and stops at regular intervals to allow the interpreter to repeat the speech in the target language.

The extreme professionalism and kindness of our client Oway are truly extraordinary. It is always possible to reach an agreement together, to organize the work in a serious and precise way and the interpreter is able to carry out his/her activity in optimal conditions.

We also provide translation services in all languages for Oway, in particular in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch. We are pleased and honoured to work with Oway and we will continue to do our best to provide them with our translation and interpreting services in a professional and accurate manner.

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