Interpreting differs substantially from translation.

Our native speaker interpreters are highly adaptable, boast a wealth of linguistic knowledge in a specialised area, are focused and have fast interpreting skills. 

Your business negotiations, conferences and training courses will be supported by our professional interpreters, who will help you break down language barriers.

So whether it’s a liaison interpreter, a consecutive or  simultaneous interpreter, or a whispered interpreting service you’re after, at Lionspeech we’re always ready to help. We place our interpreters at your disposal so that you can understand conferences, meetings, conversations, web meetings and courses and make yourself understood too, enabling you to showcase your ideas and those of your speakers without worrying about misunderstandings.

What’s more, with our new telephone interpreting service, you’ll also be able to have an interpreter on the line to help you when you’re on a trip or far away from the office, or even to sell your products abroad without call centre costs.

For information about the service and to receive a quote, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your nearest local manager. Find their details on the Contact us page.

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An interpreter for you

The interpreter offers an interpretation service that differs substantially from the translation. The latter is exclusively written, while interpreting requires oral and mnemonic knowledge of the topics to be dealt…

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