Storia della traduzione [Introduzione]

History of Translation [Introduction]

The translation of this article was produced in collaboration with the Archimede Higher Education Institute in San Giovanni in Persiceto. Translation, a largely underrated art, comes along with man from the beginning of civilization and it has had an essential impact on culture, religion, science, languages themselves and a lot other sectors. Even today translators …

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Storia della traduzione in età contemporanea

History of Translation [The contemporary age]

Ignacy Krasicki and his definition of translation The XIX century opened with the statements of the Catholic Primate of Poland, poet, encyclopaedist, author of the first Polish novel and translator from French and Greek, the famous Ignacy Krasicki (1735-1801).Krasicki, known as ‘the prince of Polish poets’, gives us, in a posthumous work of 1803, the most beautiful …

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Traduzioni agricole Rijk Zwaan

Rijk Zwaan

Lionspeech’s latest partnerships undoubtedly include the partnership with Rijk Zwaan,  a variety breeding and seed production company that is currently among the top five seed companies in the world.The subsidiary is active throughout the country with the development of new varieties and the promotion of numerous projects, demonstrating a concrete commitment to share a healthier …

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Lionspeech 2020 promotions

Lionspeech 2020 promotions

Great Lionspeech promotions,  offers valid throughout 2020:  10% discount for all new clients on translations, interpreting services and online language courses. Special 20% discount on sworn translations, affidavits, certifications and legalizations. Until December 31, 2020, you can contact us and request a customized service! What are you waiting for? You can request a quote by …

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Interpreting and translation for OWAY, the example of one of our clients

Interpreting and translation for OWAY, the example of one of our clients

To better understand how consecutive interpreting is carried out, let’s take the example of our excellent client Oway/Rolland, which operates in the field of products for the treatment of hair and body with essential oils and biodynamic, biological and fair-trade phyto-active agents. The company has a network that extends to many European countries, which implies …

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ISO Certifications Lionspeech

ISO certifications

ISO certifications, what they are and why they are so important. In the world of language services (translations, interpreting, language courses, subtitling) clients very often do not know on what basis to select their trusted provider and it often happens that many entrepreneurs, even established ones, rely on improvised translators or agencies, without understanding the …

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