Italian for foreigners

If you want to come and live in Italy and obtain all the documents you need to do that, knowing the language is essential.

When we speak about teaching Italian to foreigners, we mean the learning of Italian as a second language, or L2, for immigrants living in Italy.

“Second language” does not mean the same thing as “foreign language”. The latter in fact denotes any language studied and learnt gradually at school or during a course, in a country where the language is not usually spoken. A “second language”, on the other hand, is the official language of the country of immigration, which people moving there learn once they are actually there.

In this case, learning occurs through immersion. In other words, language learners find themselves having to use the language on a daily basis. They are "immersed” in the culture of the new country and surrounded by native speakers.

Foreigners in Italy mainly learn Italian spontaneously, by meeting Italians in all public places, watching television and doing the shopping.  For our fellow citizens of all ages who have emigrated to Italy from elsewhere, Italian is the language used to make friends, study, work, go about activities and deal with bureaucratic matters. As such, it is the primary means of integrating into society while understanding and exerting one’s rights.

That is why spontaneous learning, which often delivers no more than an average language skill level, is not enough to handle all types of communicative situations and master the new language with confidence. Whether you need to ask for information in a shop, talk to your doctor, your children’s teachers or your employer, having good knowledge of the language of the country you live in is essential.

At Lionspeech, thanks to expert teachers and dynamic, personalised methods, we offer private Italian language and culture courses to help foreigners, whether they have been living in Italy for years or have just arrived, to get to know the true Italy and how things really work here, avoiding misunderstandings and problems caused by language and cultural barriers.

Our teachers are native speakers with  specific training to teach Italian to foreigners. Also, depending on the country of origin of the person attending the course, they will have English and French language skills, too, to facilitate communication and learning.

At the start of the Italian course for foreigners, we will set out the aims of the course and the learning style to be adopted, as well as the cultural topics and aspects to delve into, based on what you already know, your needs and interests. 

Our courses will help you pass the mandatory Italian language test which you need to take in order to apply for an EC residence permit.

For information on our methods, to arrange your course, find out whether one is offered in your city or for a quote, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through our contacts!

Courses for translators

Courses for translators, foundations and tools to become translation professionals. 

Every year, Lionspeech, the translation and course agency, organises courses for translators, with a view to training up professional translators.

Broadly speaking, the courses for translators are broken down into three macro-areas:

  1. Terminology searches and using CAT-Tools such as Trados Studio.
  2. Gaining new clients and marketing strategies.
  3. An overview of invoicing and accounting.

Get in touch to find out the dates and locations of upcoming courses for translators.

Language courses

Language courses designed for all levels, from total beginner to the most proficient speaker, at our offices, your premises and over Skype, too.

Thanks to our expertise gained over years of experience in the field of languages, we use innovative teaching methods backed up by specific memorisation techniques and designed to stimulate students’ curiosity and improve their learning capacity.

We have developed specialist courses in European and non-European languages with highly qualified native speaking teachers who are ready to help you on your learning journey and cater to your needs, both in terms of course content, for example if you want to reach a particular level of language for use at work, and flexible times, with lessons held at home or over Skype if necessary.

Your teacher will ask you to sit a preliminary test designed with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) in mind. This way, they can find out your starting level and prepare lessons each time that will stimulate your desire to learn and bring you concrete results over time.

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